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Versatile perfection of facade.

Alcotek is a leading aluminium composite panel supplier since 2005. 

We produce unites for more than 200 local and international companies with total amount of labour exceeding 30 000 involved in different types of production, including construction and manufacture of construction materials.

Aluminium Composite Materials (ACM) have become widely used by leading designers and architects. Today we see many benefits from using this highly effective product. Sharp angles and smooth curves, an endless variety of colours allow acm pannels to be shaped into any design you can imagine. Alcotec has multiple CNC routing machines to meet exact specifications and provide the most consistent product on the market.

Modern acm manufacture

We’re one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminum and metal composite materials. Our light, rigid ACM panels have inspired new aesthetics and enabled new design possibilities over more than forty years of use. ACM materials make a visible difference – from corner stations to city skylines.

Our manufacturing, distribution and support capabilities extend worldwide. Our commitment to you means success.

The industrial complex of the Alcotek plant is equipped with the state-of-the-art high-tech equipment for full operating cycle ACP production, including aluminium strip painting, producing ACP of any colour in unlimited quantity within the shortest possible time period. Today the company output capacity exceeds 180 thousand sq.m of ACP produced per month, for comparison, it is the facade surface of approx. 50 standard nine-store buildings. For the beginning of 2014 Alcotek has produced and delivered more than 8 mln sq.m of aluminium composite panels all over Russia, and in the near board countries. In fact, each third building facade in Russia is mounted with Alcotek® ACP. Alcotek® panels meet the highest requirements for this type of construction materials and adequately compete with such known brands as ALUCOBOND, ALPOLIC, DIBOND, among others.

AlcoteK® ACM panels are investor friendly

The mounted back-ventilated facade with AlcoteK® panels is a long-term highly effective financial investment. Being highly dust and dirt resistant, the building facades equipped with AlcoteK® ACP do not require additional treatment at handling, and have aesthetically pleasing appearance. It reliably protects the material against UV-emission and other harmful external factors. AlcoteK® ACP resist to high temperature variations from — 50 °С to + 80 °С, do not stratify, do not crack on bends, do not discolour, for that they can be used in any climate zone without any risk of loss of their features. It is clear that the use of AlcoteK® ACP on building facades drastically increases its market cost. 

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